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  • First, it is a physical gathering of guys in a space you put together. House, a place in your church, somewhere outside, a garage.

  • Setting - Make sure it is manly, plenty of space, and no one else there to interrupt or change the dynamic.

  • Date: September 12 is good, but whatever works for your guys. 

  • FOOD - grill some meat! and probably have some snacks too.

  • Event - Make it a one day event - see our sample schedule

  • Fun -- have a corn hole set to do a bracket championship throughout the day. - we have guidance on that too.  

  • Tech — Have a way to download the videos or make sure you have good internet.

  • Post Photos of your roundup to the MRU facebook page, so we can all see.

  • Sessions — There are two main sessions by Ray Ortland and a set of 4, 10 minute break out sessions. Each session has discussion questions. it is important that you ask these questions and really listen to the answered people give--hear their heart.

  • Pre print the downloadable PDF questions.

  • Gospel Call - Take some time and watch the videos ahead of time. Craft a call to the gospel. Ask people if they would like to take a step towards Christ. Consider using the suggested resource below. 

  • Fundraiser - Every year MRU does a fundraiser. This year we are going to ask you to donate to something of your choice that is on mission. So take a collection and use the money for a gospel driven purpose in your community.

Here is a suggested format on how to run your Roundup 2020:

9:00am — Show up (Donuts and Coffee?)

9:30am — Ask some “get to know you questions" - take photo and post!

10:00am — Session 1 & Questions

11:30am — Corn Hole

12:00 noon — Sandwich Bar (Subway?) + Corn Hole

1:00pm — Breakout Sessions & Debrief Application.

2:30pm — Corn Hole

3:30pm — Discussion About Fundraiser

5:00pm — Start grilling

7:00pm — Session 2 & Questions

8:30pm — Make Smores and give Corn Hole award.

8:45pm — Share the Gospel.

Close sometime thereafter.

Optional: buy a 2020 MRU Shirt

Discussion questions: Provided with purchase to distribute to your group



How to share the gospel

How to lead a corn hole tournament

Get to know you questions

Hello Men,

Men’s Roundup is proud to offer an alternative to our great annual live event in Camp Tadmor the weekend after Labor day for this year, 2020! The Men’s Roundup leadership team, after hearing that we were unable to hold the event due to restrictions from the State of Oregon, worked together with the speaker from this year’s event (Ray Ortlund) to provide a video series with a format similar to our event so YOU and YOUR CHURCH’S MEN’S GROUP can hold your own ROUNDUP!

The content for the video package includes 3 approximately 1-hour videos which include teaching by Ray Ortlund, worship with Taylor Reavely, workshops, suggestions for format, and a printable question sheet for discussions after each video. The whole package is $95 per church, so really reasonable.

The materials will be available for purchase on August 14th, so check back soon! Purchasers will receive a link to download the videos and discussion form assets.

T-shirts will be available to be purchased a-la-carte soon, so check back soon.



The Men’s Roundup Leadership Team



Men’s Roundup is a Christian men’s camping retreat and conference held in a forested mountaintop setting at Camp Tadmor in Lebanon, Oregon where men are encouraged to believe, obey, connect, and lead. Roundup features an inspiring primary speaker, well-known guest artists and musicians, biblical teachers leading action workshop breakout sessions, great food, and opportunities for guys to worship, learn, grow, and connect with other guys. Roundup is also a wonderful opportunity to appreciate God’s beautiful creation, hang out with friends, and break a sweat in the Roundup Race or other sports competitions and outdoor recreation activities.


Ray graduated from Wheaton College as a Bachelor of Arts, from Dallas Theological Seminary as a Master of Theology, from The University of California at Berkeley as a Master of Arts, and from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, as a Doctor of Philosophy.  He taught Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois, from 1989 to 1998.  His primary ministry, for 28 years, has been as a pastor in California, Oregon, Georgia and Tennessee. In addition to numerous essays and articles, Ray has published several books. You can learn more and purchase here.


Originally from small-town Georgia, he’s spent time in Los Angeles, competing on reality singing competitions like ABC’s “Rising Star” and NBC’s “The Voice.” He’s been a worship leader at a church where 80 percent of the members were recovering addicts. And he and his wife went from having no kids to having two—one biological, one adopted—within months of each other. Now, to add to the list, he is about to release his first full-length studio album.

A life with this much adventure can only happen when you hold the posture that French does.“Life is meant to be lived wide open,” he says, “not closed off, not safe, but living close to the Lord where he leads us…our job is to live our lives with our hands wide open.”


Taylor Reavely serves as the worship director at New Life Church. In addition to his musical leadership, he leads ReGeneration, a young adult community, engaging students at Clackamas Community College. Having recently graduated from Western Seminary, Taylor is excited about planting churches in the greater Portland area.




We envision a gathering of men glorifying God and sharing community through engaging in corporate worship, biblical teaching, and deliberate small group interaction in a relaxed camp retreat atmosphere. As a result of this weekend, we envision that God will impact men in a variety of ways by moving them to: come to faith in Christ, connect with each other and their local church, live in obedience to Christ, and foster leadership in their marriages, families, churches, and communities.


  1. We value men in their Biblical roles and responsibilities as husbands, fathers, leaders of households, church and community leaders, intercessors, mentors and disciple makers, disciples, and worshipers.

  2. We value men of all generations learning in the company of men.

  3. We value and support men’s ministry in the local church.

  4. We value being culturally relevant and generationally inclusive.

  5. We value the offering of gifts, talents, and abilities for Kingdom work.





  • Registration with ALL meals through August 6th: $129 ($149 Aug 7th and later)

  • Registration without meals through August 6th: $78 ($88 Aug 7th and later)

  • All Day Pass with meals: Fri $61, Sat $102, Sun $51

  • All Day Pass without meals: Fri $36, Sat $52, Sun $26

All registration closes Wednesday, Sept 3rd. After the 3rd, register at the event.


After Thursday (beginning at noon): $5 per person

Early arrival does not include Cabins or Yurts

(+$5 per unoccupied camping spot saved with equipment)

Payable to Roundup staff at Tadmor


When you think of Men’s Round Up, what’s one of the first things that comes to your mind? The amazing food, of course. You may have already guessed that it takes an army of people and an industrial kitchen to prepare this top notch food and serve it to over a thousand men. Through the years, some our industrial kitchen equipment has become tired and faulty. So, the time has come to replace four of our ovens, three of our washers, and three of our dryers (we wash many rags). Combined, these total out to $50K! The good news is we don’t have to do this alone. We’re thankful to have received a matching grant from the Gray Family Foundation to help us with these purchases. This means we only need to raise $22K to arrive at our total of $50K. Essentially, every dollar that Men’s Roundup gives, counts as two! Please consider helping us reach this goal.

There are three options to give, add to the Roundup Project when you register, use the donate link below, or give at Roundup in September when you come.

For online giving not through registration, click here.





Cabin/Yurt Reservations:

To be included in the lottery drawing, cabin/yurt reservation letters must be received by CBNW by Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

  • Do not let your church men register and pay online. You will be provided a special link for them to use for registration.

  • Please do not send individual registrations with the cabin/yurt drawing requests.

  • Enter drawing with a letter and check. Credit cards are not accepted.

To request a cabin or yurt, simply send the following information:​

  • Please provide the name, address, phone number, and email of the person who will be our contact for your group. All correspondence will be sent to the contact person you assign.

  • Please indicate the pastor that will be part of the cabin group.

  • The cost of reserving the cabin is $1,419.00 (or $1290.00 with a pastor's registration with the group) or $1290.00 for a yurt.

    • Each cabin can accommodate 11 men. Yurts can accommodate 10 men.​

    • Send your cabin lottery letter and check to:


Men’s Roundup Cabin Reservation

Camp Tadmor

43943 McDowell Creek Dr.

Lebanon, OR 97355

Cabin/Yurt Drawing:

  • Cabin reservation requests will be placed in a lottery drawing held June 19, 2020.

  • Groups will be notified within a week with results of the drawing. Complete registration instructions will be emailed to the contact person from churches that receive cabin assignments.

  • Unreserved cabins/yurts are available after June 22, 2020 and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis to the church who provides a letter and check.

If your group did not meet the cabin drawing deadline, please contact us to find out if any cabins or yurts remain.

Cabin/Yurt Attendee Responsibilities:

All Men’s Roundup attendees who are housed in cabins/yurts are responsible to help in the serving line at Men’s Roundup for one meal that will be assigned to their cabin/yurt. Your contact person will receive notice of the meal assignment ahead of time. Each person in your cabin/yurt will be reminded of what meal assignment is their responsibility.

If you have questions regarding the cabin drawing, please feel free to call Shirley Radford, Men’s Roundup Registrar, at 503-669-1515 or e-mail her


We want to encourage men to come with other men from their churches when possible. Roundup weekend is a great opportunity for pastors to connect with guys from their church and pray together. Pastors may attend Men’s Roundup for free if their church has 10 paid registrations (even if your church did not reserve a cabin or yurt). Call for a special pastor registration code.






All full-meal registered participants eat at Tadmor. The meals are fixed by a professional chef and are a true highlight of the weekend. No portion is too small and it must be experienced to be believed. Of course, many men choose to prepare their own meals and extend their times of fellowship. We encourage this, but the camp food is beyond belief.


Weather at Tadmor during the first part of September has historically been beautiful with temperatures ranging from 50s at night to the mid 90s during the day with no rain and low humidity. However, we have been wet in the past! It is best to plan ahead for anything. Long-range forecasts up to a week in advance are generally correct. It’s best to check.


  • Wrist Bands – Please wear your wristband at all times as it validates your registration. For those who have meals included, your wristband is also your meal ticket; it will be marked when you go through the line.

  • Parking – We have a designated parking area for cars near the registration tent. For those staying in cabins or camping on the Forum or nearby fields, please move your car after you unload/setup to the designated parking areas.

  • First Aid Station – This is located at the Cascade Center, next to the Dining Hall.

  • Seat Saving – You may save one spot next to you while you are sitting in your seat. Please do not save sections or rows or be subject to losing them when others arrive and claim them.

  • Camp Fires – Because of the high fire danger, Tadmor has a NO CAMPFIRE policy. Any additional restrictions from local authorities will also be enforced.

  • Smoking – While we discourage smoking at Tadmor, the area immediately in front of the Tadmor office (up the hill from the Forum) is reserved for those who feel the need to smoke. Please use the receptacles provided. Smoking in other locations will fall under the no camp fire policy.

  • Drinking – Drinking of alcoholic beverages at Tadmor is prohibited.

  • Noise – For the sake of those who are trying to sleep, no RV generator use and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 11pm and 6am.

  • Lost and Found – This is located in Cedar Creek, next to the Dining Hall.

  • Session Audio and Video – Audio and video recordings of the speaker will be available on our YouTube page.

  • Shooting Range – The range is closed during Forum sessions. Only pistol-caliber cartridges are allowed and only when an appointed Range Officer is present.

  • Disc Golf – Hole 2 is closed during all Forum sessions. Hole 17 is closed for the entire weekend.

  • Swimming and Boating – Swimming and boating will be done only when a certified life guard, approved by Tadmor, is on duty. Please exercise caution while in or near the lake.

  • Cell Phone Reception – Bring your cell phone (spotty cell service only). There is no camp phone available except for emergency outgoing calls. Emergency incoming messages may be left at 541-401-8311.


Each session is approximately 2 to 2.5 hours long. A typical session includes 20-25 minutes of worship singing led by our Men’s Roundup worship team, 10 minutes of announcements and other Roundup business, 45 minutes of musical presentation by our special musical guest, and 45 minutes of exposition from the Word of God. All sessions are held in our semi-outdoor Forum building which seats 1,000 men. Additional seating for 400 men comes behind the stage under a large tent. Additional seating for the venue is outside of the Forum on a hillside with decent viewing of the stage area.


  • CPAP users in tents and RVs can also bring an electrical extension cord and connect to it in the Forum Field below the registration tent, above the forested area by the prayer chapel.

  • There is a staffed nurses’ station near the Evergreen Dining area, but the nearest hospital is twenty miles away. If you have other medical concerns, you can contact us




Tent and RV spaces are first-come, first-serve. You are welcome to come to Roundup one day early, on Thursday, to reserve an area for your group ($5 per head early arrival fee until 8:00pm and $5 per unoccupied spot saved with equipment). Men will be let on camp at noon. The earlier you arrive, the easier it will be to locate a camping space and set up your camp. Note that no food or cabin spaces are provided for early arrivals. Please be sure to bring food for any meals prior to event start.


Volunteers will be at the registration tent to direct you to possible camping spaces if you would like. Please consider carpooling to ensure there are plenty of great camping spaces for everyone!


There are a few options for RVers at Roundup. To get an RV spot, you will likely need to come on Thursday for the “land rush” that begins at noon.

  • At the Meadow Ridge facility, near the camping loop and high ropes course, there are 8 full hookup (electricity, water, sewer) RV spaces (one may be reserved for staff).

  • Past the giant swing, near the bottom of the camping loop, there are some RV spaces with shared water and electricity (no sewer).

  • At the recreation field, there are some shared power posts (no water or sewer).

  • RVs can go other places that aren’t marked as reserved for other purposes, but there wouldn’t be electricity, water, or sewer.

  • In the Meadow Ridge area, there is a sewer dump near the access road for dumping dark water, etc.

  • We have a designated parking area for cars near the registration tent. For those staying in cabins or camping on the Forum or nearby fields, please move your car after you unload/setup to the designated parking areas.






  • Team Roundup Race (a challenging obstacle course)

  • 18 Hole Championship Disc Golf Course

  • Hiking Trails

  • Full Court Basketball & 3-on-3 Tournament

  • Sand Volleyball Court & 6-Man Team Tournament

  • Swimming in Lake

  • Canoeing & Paddleboarding in Lake

  • 60 ft. Giant Swing

  • Paintball

  • High Ropes Course

  • Cedar Creek Coffee Shop

  • Horseshoes

  • Board Games

  • Ping Pong

  • Foos Ball

  • Pool Table

  • Carpetball

  • Table-top Shuffle Board

  • Pistol Shooting Range

  • Skeet Shooting (off site – bring your own 12 or 20 gauge shotgun and ammo)



Below there are few marketing pieces you can print or download an share with those in your church, online, or the like. We hope to see you and your church at Roundup!

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